Create and manage image folders

The left column of the Image Manager contains the Folder Manager. The top folder, “My Images,” contains all the images you have uploaded into your account, and the bottom “Trash” folder stores deleted images. If another Lucidpress user has shared an image with you, a “Shared With Me” folder will appear, and if you are on a team account, a “Brand Images” folder may display. Any custom folder you create will also appear in this column. Read on to learn how to work with the Folder Manager.


Create folders and subfolders: Click Creaing a folder in a Lucidpress document at the top or right-click a folder label and select “Create Folder.” The new folder will appear as a subfolder within the folder or subfolder that is currently selected.
Move a folder into another: Drag and drop the folder label onto the other's.
Rename a folder: Right-click the folder and select “Rename.”
Share a folder: Right-click the folder and select “Share." Enter a name, email address, username, or group name into the dialog box and click “Share.” The folder will appear in the user(s) “Shared With Me” folder.
Delete a folder: Drag and drop the folder into the trash or right-click the folder and select “Trash.”



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