Add users to your team

Once you have created your team, you can add users. Click on the user panel and then click the "add user" button. Click here to learn more how to manage your users after you upload them.



When you are in the Users panel, click the "+User" button on the top-right to add users to your team.

There are four different ways you can add new users to your Lucidpress account. To utilize Lucidpress smart fields, we highly recommend adding your users by CSV.


The easiest way to add users to your Lucidpress account is by email. Simply type in the user's email address and click the "Add to Team" button on the bottom-right of the page.


If you would like to add more personalized information to your user’s account, you can select Add Manually from the tabs on the left. You will then be able to add the user’s first name, last name, and email, assign them to a group, and even set a password for them. After adding this information, click the "Add to Team" button on the bottom right of the page to create the new user.


If you are integrated with Google you will have the option of adding users to your Lucidpress team by pulling a list of domains from your Google instance.

To add users by domain, select "Add by Domain" from the tabs on the left. A list of all the users in your Google instance who are not currently a part of your Lucidpress account will appear on your screen.

You can see whether a user currently has a Lucidpress account by navigating to the "Lucid User" column. Each user will display one of the three following statuses:

  • Yes: The user currently has a personal Lucidpress account and you can invite them into your account.
  • Pending: You have previously sent this user an invitation to join your account.
  • No: This user does not currently have a Lucidpress account and you can add them directly into your account without an invitation.


To add users from the domain list to your account, select one or multiple and click "Add to Team".



If you would like to add a large number of your employees to your Lucidpress account, you can quickly do so with our CSV import feature. To upload using this method, create a spreadsheet in the format below and then save it as a .csv file (all the columns below must be included and should be in the same order). If you would like to add additional columns, add them to the end of the sheet. To import this file, click “choose file,” select your list, and click the "Add to Team" button on the bottom right of your page.

You can also click the "Download Example File" link to get the CSV pre-formatted and ready for you use.


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