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If you go to the editor in Lucidpress, there should be a set of blue buttons in the top right corner. If you don’t see the row of blue buttons in the top right corner of your editor, simply click on the blue hamburger button to expand them out.


  • Download - The Download button allows you to download a .jpg, .png, or .pdf of your document.It also gives you other advanced export options that you can use for print



Basic export
Refers to the density of the dots that make up an image. You can download at screen quality, retina, and print quality. Access to your export quality will depend on your subscription level.
Choose whether you want to download as a PDF, PNG, PNG with transparency, or JPEG. Learn more about the differences between image types.
Advanced export
Set up your accessibility settings. Learn more here.
If your printer requires links to be stripped out of the PDF, please select "print friendly PDF"
If you have set up bleeds in your document, you can download your document with bleed marks to mark your printer where to cut.
If your printer has special requirements for cropping, you can enable crop marks.
This depends on the file type. As image files do not preserve the font within the file, it is essentially a frozen graphic and can be blurry when you zoom up close. PDFs retain some coding of the font so when you zoom up close, it is clear and crisp.
You may need to check your image resolution or ensure that you are downloading at the correct dpi.
Is your printer asking for embedded fonts in your Lucidpress document? Here’s what you (and your printer) need to know.

Lucidpress does not embed fonts in documents. When a Lucidpress document is downloaded, the text is generated as an image and invisible text is placed behind the text.

When printing Lucidpress documents with professional printers, an embed text error may occur. However, the invisible text is a non-issue for them, and they can disregard any error messages they see regarding embedded fonts.

Your document will print without any problems, but the printer's software may show an error message about embedded fonts. The lack of embedded fonts will have no effect on your printed documents, and printers should disregard this error message.
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