Approval Process

Approval process is available to business subscriptions

The document Approval Process allows team admins to manage their team’s document exports by requiring users to request approval before downloading, printing, or publishing their Lucidpress documents.


To enable the approval process, go to the team tab. Then click collaboration > Approval process > then enable the require approval for all users (besides team and approval admins) option.
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The admin can find a document that has been submitted to them for approval in their “Shared with Me” folder on their documents page. When they open the document, a blue “Review & Approve” button will display in the top right corner, which they can click on to navigate to the “Approve Document” dialog box.


In this box, they can select whether or not to approve the document and also send a message back to the user.

To submit an approval request for changes made to a document, users can click on the blue “Request Approval” button in the top right corner of their document screen.

They will then be invited to select an admin to request approval from and send a custom message to that admin.
Users and admins can see the status of shared documents in their documents pages. A document will display an hourglass if it is waiting for approval, a blue check mark if it has been approved, or a red x if approval has been denied.

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