Add a Lucidpress document to WiX

Embedding in websites is available with pro subscriptions (or higher)
Add a beautiful, interactive version of your Lucidpress document right on your WiX site. Your document will look just like the iframe below:



How to add a Lucidpress document to WiX

Once you’re done editing your document, click the blue "Share" button on the top-right. Select "On the Web". After it’s done publishing, select a size and copy the HTML code.


Go to the page you would like to place your document. On the right, click the (+) icon. Scroll down to the "More" section at the bottom. Drag the "HTML iframe" to your page.


Make sure your HTML iframe is selected and click "Enter Code". Paste your HTML code. Resize your iframe to fit the size of your Lucidpress document.




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