Adjusting and moving pages

  1. Open the document you want all your pages combined into.
  2. Open the other document. On the left where you can see all the page thumbnails, select all the pages by holding down Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) and clicking on them, then press Ctrl + C (or Cmd + c on Mac).
  3. Return back to the other document. Hit Ctrl+v (or Cmd+V on Mac) to paste those pages into the new document.
  1. Open a blank document
  2. Open the original document and copy the page thumbnails of the portion you would like to split into the new document. To do this, select your page thumbnails (hold down SHIFT or CMD/CTRL to select multiple), then hit CTRL+C (CMD+C) to copy
  3. Delete the pages you just copied from the origial document
  4. Open your blank document. Hit Ctrl+v (or Cmd+V on Mac) to paste those pages into the new document.



The top section of these tabs is where you can edit the size and orientation of pages in your document.


Select a size for your page or document from the drop-down or select "Custom" and manually adjust the width and height of your page(s) in the boxes underneath.


To flip the dimensions of your page(s) 180˚, switch the orientation setting from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

  1. To change the size of your document, make sure nothing is selected in Lucidpress. Then, on the right panel, go to the "Size and Orientation" section. From the dropdown, you can select the desired paper size. This will cause your canvas/document to resize, however, your content will remain in its original position.
  2. After you do this step, click View > Show off-page content so that you can you can see all of your content off of the canvas area. Highlight all of your content and then drag the box from the corner to change the sizing of everything to scale down (or up) to your desired size.
  3. Select areas of text that disappeared or have the red + box and change the font size to adjust to your new document size.

To change the page order, toggle the page thumbnails by clicking the arrow button located on the left side of the document. This will show all the thumbnails. To reorder, simply select a thumbnail (or select multiple by holding the shift or CMD key) and then drag it to the new location. The pages will automatically adjust accordingly.


If you are in the Document tab of the context pane, you will see a feature called “Spreads” underneath the background section.


If you are creating a magazine or book, enable this feature to adjust the layout of pages in the canvas to match that of your printed document.



Lucidpress does not have an auto-resize feature. We recommend changing the size of your document and then adjusting the content after to fit the new size of your page. Click here for helpful tips on resizing your page and content.
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