Embed on a website

This feature is available to pro subscriptions (and higher)
Step 1:Click Share, then "Embed on a Website." You will need to then publish your document if you haven't done so already
Step 2:Determine size then click 'Generate Code'
Step 3:Copy the code
Step 4:Paste the code into the HTML portion of your website. If you are successful, it should look like the embedded document above.
To add a button, drag the icon onto your document. The example below shows the "T" button, which allows you to add your own text. If you want to use your own shape or image, start by adding that to the canvas and follow the same steps below.
Next, add the link to your button. Under the Button tab on the right, select your link option by clicking on the appropriate icon. Insert your URL, email address, page number, or select a published document.
If you're using a shape or an image, the Link settings will be found at the bottom of the Image or Shape tab. See the "Add links" portion of this training to learn more.
To test the button in your document, hover over the button and hold Shift + Ctrl (or Shift + CMD on Mac), then click to activate the link.
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