Learn more about the editor by clicking on the accordions below:

The green folder icon on the top left takes you back to the Lucidpress home screen.
On the top left, you can click the title to rename your document. We heavily suggest that you rename your document to something specific so you can find it later. Anytime you make a copy from a template, it will have the same name, so don’t forget this step!
On the left side, you have specific tools to help build out your templates. You probably won’t be using this section since your creative team already built the templates for you. You can add pages, text, shapes, images, charts, buttons, and videos.
You can use the right context pane to format and change the settings of the object you are selecting. This section of the Lucidpress will change and adapt depending on what object you are selecting.
At the bottom of the in the right corner, you will find the commenting and chatting buttons. Commenting is used for conversations about specific objects or items within the editor. Chatting is for talking with your team while you are working on the document. Please note that any chats will be deleted after you log out of your computer.
These options will let you export or distribute your document by sharing, downloading, or ordering prints. We will go into more detail about these later in the course.


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