Create a new document

If you are not already in your Documents List, select the 'Documents' link in the upper right corner of the Lucidpress homepage.

Click the New button on the top right corner



  • Blank document - creates a blank document
  • Template - creates a document from a standard Lucidpress template or a brand template
  • Folder - creates a new folder in your my documents page
  • InDesign Import - begins the process for uploading your IDML file

Your next step to getting started is familiarizing yourself with all the components of the Lucidpress editor so you know exactly where to find all the handy tools at your disposal. Read on to learn more, or take a look at this Interactive Tutorial.

Many of our templates are available for all users, but some templates are part of a premium template library that is only available for customers on paid accounts.

How to access Lucidpress templates
To open the template library, click the "Templates" tab on the left. Make sure you choose "Lucidpress Templates" from the drop-down in dark gray. Simply hover over a template and click "New" to create your own copy. The new document will be saved in your documents page.


If you are the administrator of a Team or Business account, you can control whether or not the users on your team have access to Lucidpress standard templates. If you turn off the standard templates menu, users will only be able to access custom team templates that you or other admins have created. Turning off the standard templates menu is a great way to enforce brand control across your team.

If you are a team administrator, follow these steps to turn OFF the standard templates menu:
  1. Click the "Brand Assets" tab on the left.
  2. Click "Settings".
  3. Under "Brand Restrictions", make sure "Enable standard templates" is turned off. Now, no one on your account will see the "Lucidpress Templates".
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