Launch yourself into the creative process by using templates in Lucidpress. Customize pre-designed templates or create your own from entire documents or from pages within documents. Using templates, you can customize documents while preserving their layout, a process that increases the efficiency and facilitates the consistency of your work.

Lucidpress comes with a stock of beautiful, pre-designed templates that span a range of formats, from magazines and brochures to posters and social media banners. You can use these templates to create visually stunning custom content even when you don’t have a lot of time or experience. Many of our templates are available for all users, but some templates are part of a premium template library that is only available for customers on paid accounts.


Lucidpress will display templates that it thinks you will like in a banner at the top of your documents page. To open the template library and browse our full selection of templates, click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.01.26_PM.png.


To create a new document from a template, simply click on the template that you would like to use. A copy of the template will open up for you to edit. The new document will be saved in your documents page.

Turn Off the Standard Templates Menu
If you are the administrator of a team or enterprise account, you can control whether or not the users on your team have access to Lucidpress standard templates. If you turn off the standard templates menu, users will only be able to access custom team templates that you or other admins have created. Turning off the standard templates menu is a great way to enforce brand control across your team.

If you are a team administrator, follow these steps to turn OFF the standard templates menu:
  1. Click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.10.58_PM.png   at the top of the documents page to open the admin panel.
  2. Click on the collaboration tile.

  3. Click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.12.04_PM.png on the left.
  4. Under the Advanced options, there will be an option that reads “Use standard templates (otherwise restrict to team and individual templates.)” Make sure that the checkbox to the left of this option is unchecked.

  5. Click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.14.04_PM.png to turn the standard templates menu off for your entire team. When you return to the documents page, you will see that the banner at the top no longer displays standard templates.

Create a Template from a Document
To create a template out of an entire document, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to your documents page and right-click on the document thumbnail or click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.19.30_PM.png in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select “Convert to template.”

  3. In the pop-up that appears, set a category for the template, write a description detailing its intended use, and choose whether or not to enforce locking restrictions.


    Locking restrictions are only relevant if you locked portions of the original document to protect the design.
    • If locking restrictions are ON (indicated by a checkmark), only team admins and account owners will be able to unlock any locked parts of the template. Other users will be unable to unlock or change these parts.
    • If locking restrictions are OFF (indicated by no checkmark), locked parts of the template will initially be locked when any user opens a copy, but the user will be able to unlock these parts and make changes to them at any time.
  4. Once you have set all of the details of your new template, click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.56.00_PM.png. Your new template will display in the documents page with a dark grey edge and a TEMPLATE label above the document name.

Open a Copy of a Document Template
To open an editable copy of a document template, hover your cursor over the document thumbnail and click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_10.02.42_PM.png. The copy will have the same layout, content, and settings as the original, but any changes you make to it will not affect the original.

More Template Options
Right-click on the thumbnail of a template or click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_9.19.30_PM.png to access the following options:
  • New from Template: Create a new document from the template.
  • Edit Template: Open the original version of the template to make changes.
  • Edit Template Details: Edit the category, description, or locking restrictions that you set when you created the template.
  • Convert to Document: Convert your template back into a normal document.
  • Share: Share your template with other users so that they are able to open editable copies of it.
  • Details: View the category, description, and locking restrictions that you set when you created the template.
All the other options shown in the menu (Rename, Copy, Delete, etc.) will interact with your template the same way as with normal documents.
In addition to converting entire documents into templates, you can create templates out of individual document pages. You can then use these page templates as a starting point for all of the pages within a document.

Note: Page templates can only be used in the documents in which they are created. You will not be able to access them from other documents in your account.

Create Page Templates
To create a template from a document page, follow these steps:
  1. Open a document. On the left side of the editor, right-click on the thumbnail of the page and select "Create Template from Page."


    If you do not see your page thumbnails, click on the triangle at the middle left.


    You can also create a template from a page by clicking "Page" at the top of the canvas and selecting "Create Template from Page." To create a new template using a blank page, select “Create Blank Template.”

  2. In the pop-up that appears, enter a name for your page template and click Screen_Shot_2018-04-08_at_10.30.36_PM.png.

Work with Page Templates
To access and interact with your page templates, click Screen_Shot_2018-06-26_at_1.56.48_PM.png. A panel will open that contains all of the page templates that you have created and saved in the document you have open.


  • Click on one of the page template thumbnails to insert a new page, in the style of the template, into your document.
  • Right-click on one of the thumbnails to open a menu of ways to interact with your page templates.