Release Notes


  • Two new fields have been added to the Smart Field options: Agent Number and Home Office.



  • An "Account" button has been added to the header of the documents page through which you can directly access your account settings.


    You can also continue to access this page by clicking on your email address in the top right and then clicking "Account settings."



  • The UI of the brand management panel has been updated. Click on the tabs to the left to navigate its different sections. See the Brand Management article for more information.



  • A documents publication manager has been added to the documents page where you can see and manage your published documents. To open, click "Document Publications" in the folder manager.


    Click the paper clip to copy the URL of your published document, the pen to open the document in the editor, and the trash icon to permanently delete the published document.

  • You can now populate smart fields with images. To do so, go to Insert > Smart Fields > Account > Logo/Profile Image.


  • The UI of the content pane has been updated. The drawers that open when you click on an icon are now all the same size and shape.

    content_pane_shapes.png content_pane_images.png