New Features



  • (Admins) Enable/Disable Non-brand Colors


    You can now restrict users to only use your brand colors

  • (Admins) Enable/Disable New Document Button


    You can now disable the new document button and prevent your users from going off brand and creating their own material. Using this feature will restrict your users to only be able to create documents from your templates that you have preset for them

  • Embed Lucidpress Documents with Native Links


    No longer will your contacts need to open your published document in Lucidpress to click on your links. They can click on the links right within the email itself!

  • Constant Contact Integration


    Does your organization use Constant Contact? Now you can create your email and campaign within Lucidpress. After creating your campaign, your document will seamlessly be uploaded to Constant Contact

  • Print and Ship Improvements


    Print and Ship has been improved and expanded! Three more products are now available to order: 24x26 inch A-Frame Posters with stands, 11x17 inch Posters, and 120# cover weight stock flyers.

    Default Bleed and Color Profiles


    Team and Enterprise accounts can now set a default bleed and default color profiles to ensure that all of their users create great, print-ready content without having to even think about page bleeds or color profiles.

  • Download Images From Lucidpress


    It is now possible to download individual images from within Lucidpress onto your computer. To do this, find the image thumbnail in the image manager, right-click or click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner, and select “Download Image.”

  • New Direct Mail Feature


    With the new direct mail feature, it is now possible to send mail in bulk to multiple addresses directly from Lucidpress. Simply create a new Lucidpress document, upload a CSV of addresses, and order prints. The prints will be mailed out to all the addresses in the CSV.

  • New Smart Field Options


    Two new fields have been added to the Smart Field options: Agent Number and Home Office.

  • New Account Button


    An "Account" button has been added to the header of the documents page through which you can directly access your account settings.

  • New Brand Management Panel


    The UI of the brand management panel has been updated. Click on the tabs to the left to navigate its different sections. See the Brand Management article for more information.

  • New Document Publications Manager


    A documents publication manager has been added to the documents page where you can see and manage your published documents. To open, click "Document Publications" in the folder manager.

    Click the paper clip to copy the URL of your published document, the pen to open the document in the editor, and the trash icon to permanently delete the published document.

    Image Smart Fields


    You can now populate smart fields with images. To do so, go to Insert > Smart Fields > Account > Logo/Profile Image.

    Content Pane UI Update


    The UI of the content pane has been updated. The drawers that open when you click on an icon are now all the same size and shape.