Brand Management

This tutorial will explain how to upload and use your brand’s colors, fonts, images, paragraph styles, and smart fields in your Lucidpress account.

Brand Management tools streamline the creation process of custom-branded collateral by allowing admins to upload all the necessary brand files into a single location for all team members to access.

Brand Management is available on Pro, EDU, Team, and Enterprise accounts (it is not available on Free or Basic accounts). You can learn more about account levels here.

We’ll walk you through how to upload and set brand materials on both a Pro and Team or Enterprise account, as well as how to access them within the Lucidpress editor.

Using a Free or Basic account? Upgrade now to enjoy the benefits of Brand Management.


If you are an Account Owner or Team Admin on a Lucidpress Team or Enterprise account, you are able to upload Brand Management files for your team to access. Simply log in to your account and follow these steps:

Click “Team” on the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Click on “Brand Management”.

Here you’ll find the hub of Brand Management, where you can upload and manage all your brand’s assets. 

You can select which type of file you would like to upload or set from the left-hand side. The options are Brand Colors, Brand Images, Team Fonts, Brand Styles, or Team Smart Fields.


Brand Colors

Click on the “+” in Brand Colors to select your brand’s colors or to specify their exact hex codes.


You can name your color (potentially to clarify how it should be used), delete the color, or edit it by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail.


If you choose to edit the color, the menu will allow you to update the color or change between RGB and CMYK color profiles.


If you are going to make materials for both print and digital use, then it is important to set RGB and CMYK versions of your brand colors. Learn more about the importance of the color profiles here


Brand Images 

Click on the “+” in Brand Images to select the image or logo files you’d like to upload to give easy access.



Team Fonts

Click on “Upload Fonts” in Team Fonts to upload a .ttf or .otf font file.



Brand Styles
In Brand Styles, select the default styles for new headings text boxes, sub-headings text boxes, and body text boxes.



Team Smart Fields

Click "Add Custom Field" in Team Smart Fields to add custom team smart fields. 

If you would like to access Brand Management from a Pro account, simply click "File" in your editor and click “Brand Assets”.

Here you’ll find the hub of Brand Management, where you can upload and manage all your brand’s colors, images, and styles, by following the same instructions as above.

Only Team or Enterprise accounts can upload Team Fonts and Team Smart Fields.

Once your brand’s files have been uploaded, whether by you or by a Team Admin, you can access the various images, fonts, styles, smart fields, and colors from within the Lucidpress editor.

For example, if you click on a text box within your canvas, the “Text” tab will appear on your Context Pane. Open up your color palette and you’ll notice your “Brand Colors” up top.


Open up your fonts or paragraph styles and you’ll see the branded options up top as well. Voila!


 As for images and logos, simply click on “Images” (left side of the editor) to open your Image Manager. Click “Brand Images” and you’re there.