G Suite Integration

This feature is available for business subscriptions

To Install Lucidpress for G Suite, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the G Suite Marketplace
  2. Search for Lucidpress and click 'Install App'.
  3. Lucidpress will ask for permission to access some of your domain data. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and press ‘Accept’.
  4. Once Lucidpress is installed, you will see a pop-up series briefly explaining how to (1) notify your users, (2) access Lucidpress. Next, click "Additional Team Setup" to customize the integration with your Lucidpress team.
  5. When you first go to Lucidpress from G Suite, you will be prompted to set up your team.
    Go to the Lucidpress Team page, then Admin > Users > Add Users by Domain to see a list of domain email addresses and invite new and existing Lucidpress users to join your team.
  6. Lucidpress can sync with your G Suite domain to automatically provision or delete Lucidpress users when you add or remove them from your G Suite administration portal. If you receive any errors activating provisioning synchronization, follow the "Updating for new permissions" instructions below to ensure you have granted Lucidpress sufficient data access, which is required to sync provisioning.

Lucidpress has updated its permissions to include user provisioning for Team Admins so it is even easier to build your team.

This tutorial is intended for team admins that see the following message on their 'Manage Google Apps' page.

Do the following to update your G Suite permission for Lucidpress:

    1. Visit your Google Apps admin console ('Manage this domain')
    2. Manage your Marketplace Apps
    3. Select Lucidpress Diagrams.
    4. The Lucidpress profile will display your current data access permissions, which should say 'Approval Needed'
    5. Click on the Data access section and click 'Grant data access' to update your permissions.
    6. Your permissions should now be granted inside your Google Apps console as well as your 'Manage Google Apps' page. Refresh your Lucidpress Google Apps page to see a complete list of users from your domain.
    7. Please make sure that you also have API access enabled. See this screencast for details on how to do this.

Please contact support if you are still having issues after following these steps.

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