Working with Shapes

Our drag-and-drop interface makes working with shapes in Lucidpress easy and intuitive. Learn how you can edit them directly on your canvas, or by using the Context Pane. Get started now!

To add a shape to your document, click on the "Shapes" icon in the Content Bar. A panel of basic shapes will appear. Click on the shape you want, drag it onto your canvas, and drop it wherever you want. Don't like it there? Simply click on the shape again and drag it to another spot, or use your arrow keys to move it around the canvas.

add and move a shape

Shortcut: hold down your "shift" key while moving a shape with your arrow keys to force it to make leaps!

When you click on a shape in your canvas, a square frame will appear around it. To resize the shape, click on the frame and drag the shape into the size you desire. Hold down your "shift" key to lock the shape's proportions as you re-size.

Resize a shape

To rotate a shape, click the handle stemming from the top of your shape's border and drag your cursor clockwise or counter-clockwise until your shape is properly oriented.

rotate a shape

Shortcut: When rotating a line, hold down your "shift" key to force its orientation to move in 45˚ increments.

When a shape is selected, the Context Pane consists of a "Shape" tab and a "Layout" tab. In the "Shape" tab, you can control various stylistic elements of your shape, including fill color, border, shadow, and opacity. You can also link your shape to an external site, page, or email address.

context pane shape tab

In the "Layout" tab of the Context Pane, you can manually adjust a shape's position, size, and orientation; lock down its features; control the arrangement of shapes on your page; and more! Check out the image below to learn about the specific functions of some of the icons under this tab.

context pane layout tab

Some of our shapes have special handles that allow you to morph them in cool and useful ways. Check out the gifs below for a demonstration of these unique modification features.

In the top right corner of the rounded square, there is a handle that you can drag to the left or right to increase or decrease rounding.

rounded square special modification

Drag the handle on the right side of the pentagon to add or remove sides. With this feature, you can switch easily between a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, or other multi-sided shape!

polygon special modification

On the far right side of the star, there is handle that you can drag to add or remove points. You can create a shape with anywhere from 3 to 25 points!
Drag the handle on the inside of the star to alter the depth of its points.

star special modification

Inside both the single- and double-sided arrows there are interior handles that you can drag to change the arrows' dimensions.

arrow special modification