This tutorial will show you how to add, move, resize, and format videos in your Lucidpress documents.


To add your video to your document, follow these steps:

    1. Click the three dots icon on the left panel. Scroll down to the video section and drag your video onto your document. 
    2. To edit the URL, make sure the video is selected. Go to the right panel and click the "Video" tab. Paste the video URL and hit enter on your keyboard. 

Your video will display where you dropped the icon on the canvas.

You can watch your video by previewing or publishing the document.

To change the size or shape of a video, select it by clicking, grab one of the handles on the corners or sides and drag it as needed. Hold down the shift key while dragging to lock the ratio of height to width


Change the position of a video by clicking on it and dragging it to the desired location. You can also use your arrow keys to nudge a video in one direction, or a shift + arrow key combination to make it leap in that direction

Alternatively, you can change the size, shape, and placement of a video in the Position and Size section of the "Layout" tab in the context pane. See the section below to learn how to modify videos in the context pane.

There are many formatting options available for videos in the context pane. The context contains two tabs, the Video tab and the Layout tab. The options available in each are outlined below.

You can open and close the context pane using the arrow in the middle right of the window.
You must have the video selected for the context pane to display the video-formatting options.

Video Tab


You can use this tab to:

Change the video that appears in your document, by entering a new URL to any YouTube or Vimeo video.

Add a shadow. Once a shadow is added, you can use this portion of the menu to change the color, angle, distance, blur, and opacity of the shadow.


Layout Tab


You can use this tab to:

Change the x- and y-axis orientation of a video by clicking the up and down arrows OR typing in a value.

Change the height and width of a video by clicking the up and down arrows OR typing in a value.

Lock or unlock the size ratio of a video. When this selection is locked, any changes to the size of a video will affect both the height and the width.


Rotate or flip a video (if these buttons are frozen, then this action is not supported for your video).

Lock or unlock the position and size of a video. When a video is locked, it cannot be edited or modified.


Change the arrangement of a video. You can use this menu to change a video’s order in relation to other layers, to change its position on the page, or match its size to other elements on the page.


Wrap text around a video. Use the toggle button to turn text wrapping on or off, and then choose the position of the text in relation to a video, and how close the text comes to a video (text wrapping padding).



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