Publish, Share, and Protect Your Document

This tutorial will explain the variety of ways you can publish and share your Lucidpress documents, as well as how to password protect them all from the "Share" button in the top right corner of your window.

From sharing with your team to sharing with thousands on the web, Lucidpress documents are flexible in their ability to get your collateral wherever it needs to go. Read on to learn the various ways this can be done.

Please view the Collaborate Help Center article.

  1. Click “On the web” and enter a document name under “Published Document Name.” Select your desired security options.

  2. Click the blue "Publish" button and enter a standard or custom link option. If you’d like the custom link option, simply enter the suffix you want in the URL and click "Save."

In order to 1) change your document’s title, 2) update the published URL, or 3) unpublish the link, you must simply click the green “Settings” button and make your changes on the next page.

Click "On Social Media" and select the social media app you want to use. Sign in to your account, and follow the prompts to post.

  1. You’ll need to publish your document before inserting it in an email, so click “On the web”, give your document a title, select its desired security, and hit “Publish”.
  2. From there, you can select whether you’d like a standard or custom link. If it’s a custom link, simply type in your preferred URL and hit “Save”.

  3. After publishing your document, click the "In Email" option and select the desired thumbnail size. Click "Generate Code."

  4. Don’t let the code intimidate you. Simply copy and paste the code in its entirety into the HTML section of your email.

  1. Click "On your website". Select the size you prefer, then click "Generate code”.

  2. Copy the generated code, which you will then be able to paste into the HTML section of your website.

This feature is only available for Team Accounts. Upgrade now to enjoy the benefits of password protecting your published documents.

  1. Click any tab on the lefthand side.

  2. Under “Security”, select “Require Password” and enter the desired password.
  3. If you haven’t published your document yet, you will hit the blue “Publish” button. If the document is already published, the button will read “Update” instead.