Add Links

Connect viewers of your Lucidpress documents to external pages by adding buttons and links! With our linking options, you can prompt viewers to visit a web page, send an email, or navigate to a different page within your document.

To add an external link to a shape, image, or line of text in your Lucidpress document, follow the steps below.

  1. Select an object on your canvas OR highlight a string of text. Your context pane (on the right side of your canvas) will correspondingly display image, shape, or text settings.

    Image with context pane.png
  2. Click on the sideways triangle next to the word “Link” at the bottom of your context pane.

    link tab.png

    Three icons and a text box will appear. If you hover over the icons, they will display the linking options that they represent: URL, Email, and Page.

    link options and text box
  3. Select your desired linking option. If you are linking to a web page or email address, type or copy and paste the URL or address into the text box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

    link to a web page

    If you are linking to another page in your document, click on the text box–which will be converted into a drop-down menu–and select your desired page.

    link to a different page

    You will know that your link has been successfully added when the grey check mark next to the “Link” tab turns green.
  4. To follow a link in your document, hover over the linked component and follow the keyboard instructions that appear on your screen.


To save you time and work, Lucidpress offers a selection of common buttons that you can add to your document instantly. To access these options, click on the “BUTTONS” icon in your content bar (on the left side of your canvas). A window will pop up displaying our button options, and you can access different button styles by toggling through the shapes at the top of the window.

Button library

To add a button to your document, simply drag it from the window and onto your canvas. You can then link your button to an external page by following the steps above.