Page Bleeds

White borders on the page when you print your document are often due to printer settings. Document bleed helps you eliminate this white border.


Lucidpress PDFs output with content all the way to the edge of the page, but most home printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the page. Instead, they simply scale down the document so that it prints all the content, but this leaves a white border in the area that the printer is unable to print to.

For informal documents this white border may be acceptable, but most professional documents should be printed using a setting referred to as "Full bleed" or "Bleed". This solves the problem of the white border by printing the content on a larger piece of paper (ex: 11" x 14") and then cutting the content down to the intended final size (ex: 8.5" x 11").

Most professional printers have a certain required full bleed setting (ex: 1/4") to print full bleed. Make sure you check with the printer you intend to use before modifying your content for full bleed or, better yet, before you start creating your document.

Formatting your document

When preparing a document for full bleed printing, it is important that you extend any elements that touch the edge of the intended final page beyond the red line. The red line indicates where document will be cut down to final size by professional print shop. If you don't extend these elements beyond the red line, there is a good chance the print shop will cut slightly off resulting in a very small white line.

If the reason you need to extend beyond the red line is unclear, imagine you have a solid green square on a piece of paper. If you tried to cut through a few sheets of paper with a paper cutter right on the edge of the green square, the top one would likely be very close, but there would be a good chance that some of the pieces of paper will have shifted by a couple millimeters. These couple of millimeters are very small, but the human eye is very perceptive and will notice this white line (color of the paper) between the edge of the paper and the edge of the green square. Now imagine we extend that green square a 1/4 inch beyond where we would like to cut. Now, if we are off by a couple millimeters when we cut, we are guaranteed to have green up to the very edge of the page no matter what.

All Lucidpress print document templates have already been formatted for full bleed use, so you won't need to modify any of the components that came with the template unless you have moved them.

Using Full Bleed in Lucidpress

To turn on the full bleed setting, click on the gray around your document. This will bring up the 'Document' pane on the right. Click on the arrow next to 'Margins'. The 'Bleed' setting will appear, and here you can increase the bleed to whatever setting the print shop you intend to use specified.

When you output the PDF, the red line won't appear, and we will automatically add what are called "Crop marks" to the page. These crop marks are what tells the printer where they are supposed to cut the page.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, you should receive your documents from the print shop at the size you requested with no white border surrounding you pages.