Embed Fonts in PDF

Is your printer asking for embedded fonts in your Lucidpress document? Here’s what you (and your printer) need to know.

Lucidpress does not embed the fonts in their documents. When a Lucidpress document is downloaded, the text is generated as an image and invisible text is placed behind the text. 
Since your actual text is an image in the PDF, the text itself cannot be selected, highlighted, or searched. Placing invisible text behind the image allows your text to be selected, highlighted, and searched.
This enables your viewers to search for a specific word within your PDF, and search engines to show your PDF in search results.

When printing Lucidpress documents with professional printers, an "Embed text error" may occur.  However, the invisible text is a non-issue for them, and they can disregard any error messages they see regarding embedded fonts.

The error occurs because printers use software to ensure that your PDF will print without issue. This software checks that all fonts in your document have corresponding font files embedded in the PDF. But, Lucidpress does not embed the font files for the invisible text.

Your document will print without any problems, but the printer's software may show an error message about embedded fonts. The lack of embedded fonts will have no effect on your printed documents, and printers should disregard this error message.

As always, we recommend printing a single copy of your Lucidpress PDF to make sure everything looks right before printing at scale or printing multiple copies