Understand the Image Manager

This tutorial will help you better understand the Image Manager and each of its functions.


Add images

  1. To open the Image Manager, click the image icon in the Content bar.

  2. Upload new images by clicking the 'Upload' button, selecting the image file, then clicking 'Open'.

  3. All uploaded images will be displayed in the Image Manager under the 'All Images' section.

  4. To switch out an image in your document while maintaining its mask properties, simply double-click on the image in the editor.

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Delete, organize, and tag images

  1. Select an image on which to perform actions (e.g. delete, move, or tag) by checking the check box in the upper left corner of the image. You can check several boxes to apply an action to more than one image at a time.

  2. Delete images by selecting them and clicking the trash icon.

  3. Archive images by selecting them and clicking the archive icon.

  4. Mark images as private (only visible to you) by selecting them and clicking the private icon [-].

  5. To unarchive an image or unmark an image as private, go to the 'Archived' or 'Private' folder in the sidebar, select the image by checking the box in the upper left, then open the tag drop-down menu and deselect 'Archived' or 'Private'.

  6. Tag images by selecting them, opening the tag drop-down menu, and checking the boxes next to the desired tags. This menu also lets you create new tags to keep your pictures organized. Your new tags will appear in the sidebar on the left. Please note that new tags can be created directly from this sidebar as well.

  7. To hide images uploaded by other members of your team, use the toggle switch on the lower left side of the page.

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Updated 07/29/2016