Print and Ship

Lucidpress just got better! Now you can have prints of your documents shipped directly to your home or office straight from the Lucidpress editor. To print with Lucidpress, follow these simple steps below.

First, you’ll need to have a document created. You can either create your own, or choose one of our fantastic pre-made templates. Once you’ve finalized your document, you can click this “Order Prints” button in the editor, shown below:

Lucidpress currently supports limited document sizes, and will automatically give you a selection of print options that work with your documents. Choose the type of print order you want from the product list, and then click next to proceed. If you receive an error message on this page, verify that 1) your document has consistent page sizes throughout, 2) document size matches available product sizes, and 3) the number of pages in your document matches that of the supported print types.

On this page, you can choose the quantity of prints you wish to order. Certain print types, such as flyers, will come in packs of multiple pages. The total number of pages will be shown, so be sure to verify the order quantity you want. You may also select additional options, such as single or double sided, as well as product specific upgrades. Lucidpress does not currently provide an option for binding, but may include this ability in the near future.

On the next page, you will be given the opportunity to review and confirm the design of your print. To proceed, download a PDF proof, review your document, and then check the “I have reviewed and approve my design” box. The “next” button will now be enabled, taking you to the billing and checkout page. In reviewing your document prior to approving, we recommend checking to see that images are extended into the bleed for a more professional look. You can learn more about bleed here.

You will then have the opportunity to review your order options and enter your shipping and billing information. While we plan to offer rush production in the future, standard production time is 3 - 5 days. Lucidpress also integrates with UPS and USPS, so you can choose the shipping option that best fits your needs. Total delivery time should be estimated as production time plus shipping time.

After entering your billing information, you can review your order once more. To ensure a quick and seamless production, confirm your shipping and billing information is correct. If everything looks good, simply click “Order” and you’re all set! You will receive a confirmation email shortly, and after that it’s just sit back, relax, and let your prints come to you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Delivery time is a combination of production time and shipping time. While production time is normally 3 - 5 days, shipping time is dependent on your shipping carrier choice at checkout.
Paper weight, given in pounds (#), is a measure of paper thickness and has two types: text weight and cover weight. Text weight paper is lighter overall, and is what you might find in items such as letterhead. Cover weight is much heavier paper, and is used for items like cards or folders. The number number indicates the relative thickness, with a higher number being a thicker paper. For reference, 50# text weight paper is what you might find in a household printer or copying machine. 100# cover weight paper would be considered “regular” cardstock, and is what you might find in business cards or postcards.
Lucidpress does not currently provide document binding, but may support binding in the future. Items will come in looseleaf format.
ZenPrint is our printing partner. All customer support interactions should be done through Lucidpress, however.

Shoot! We can't guarantee you can cancel. In order to ensure we get orders printed and shipped as quickly as possible, we've developed a process that kicks things off as soon as you submit the order.

To see if you can cancel your order, you should check your Order History (located in your Account Settings). If there is an option to "Cancel Order" on your print order, you can still cancel and get your money back.


Lucidpress does not currently offer rush shipping, but may do so in the future.
To ensure consistent and professional print quality, our print partner only offers specific document sizes for printing. If you would like to request additional sizes, please reach out to us on our feature request forum and let us know what you're thinking.
It is possible that we may support additional print options in the future. If you would like to suggest additional print materials, please reach out to us in our feature request forum.
An estimated delivery date has been provided in your confirmation email. If you require further information about your specific order, please contact
All documents will be printed in professional quality (300 dpi).
There are multiple reasons your document may not be compatible with Print and Ship:

1. Your document contains pages of different sizes. All page sizes must be consistent to print.
2. Your document size is inconsistent with the document sizes we have available.
UV coating is a clear-coat applied to printed materials that gives a glossy look and helps protect against scratches, fingerprints, and tears. It also helps enhance the brilliance of the ink. UV coating is recommended for documents that will be handled frequently, such as business cards or postcards.
Bleed is an important concept in professional printing. Bleed dictates the margin of error a document has when being cut, and allows for ink to be up the edge of a page, unlike home printers, which often leave a white border on documents.

Bleed works by printing the document beyond the dimensions of what you actually want to see,and then trimming the excess material to your document size. Lucidpress allows, and encourages, the use of bleed to ensure a professional looking print.

When using the Lucidpress Print and Ship service, if no bleed is specified, a mandatory ⅛ inch bleed will be added. The bleed will match the background color of the document. It is recommended that the user utilize the bleed and extend images into the bleed when creating a document. Failure to do so may result in slighty inconsistent spacing around your document. The standard for acceptable error is 1/16 of an inch, meaning your document may deviate in the borders by 1/16 of inch without being considered a defect. Utilizing bleed virtually eliminates this problem.
The image below is an example of what a print might look like if no bleed is specified and utilized:
This print illustrates the need for extending images into the bleed, as the above example would be considered within the 1/16 inch range of acceptable print quality. To learn more about bleed, click here.
For most products, a specific page count is required. For example, a postcard can only have two pages. Currently, 8.5x11 inch documents are the only size that supports printing more than 2 pages.
The human eye can detect a wide range of colors. However, the range is limited to the edge of infrared on one end of the spectrum and ultraviolet on the other, called the visible spectrum. For instance, we cannot see the light emitted from an infrared remote control. The eye cannot perceive any light waves beyond the visible spectrum.

A monitor can display around 16 million colors. The RGB (red, green, blue) color space or gamut of such a monitor will let you see a wide array of colors. But, even here, certain colors we see in everyday life cannot be reproduced accurately. The print gamut is even more limited. An image is composed by laying down four colors in succession. In printing jargon, CMYK refers to the color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Not to confuse “B” with blue, it was decided to call black with the letter “K”.

What does all that mean to you? Colors you see on the monitor may not translate exactly to print. For example, a vividly displayed red may look more brown once printed. Keep in mind that colors will slightly shift no matter what. There are many contributing factors such as temperature, humidity, and the overall print batch adjustments.