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Users can share their documents with public Slack channels or individual Slack users from Lucidpress's Share dialog.

Slack users can now use the /lucidpress command to instantly create and share documents for quick and easy collaboration.

Just type /lucidpress in any Slack channel, and we'll post a link in that channel to a new document that anyone on your team can edit.

  1. Navigate to 'Team,' then 'App Integration,' then 'Slack'
  2. Click the Add to Slack button.
  3. Login or register a Lucidpress account.
  4. Grant Slack access to your Lucidpress account.
  5. Grant Lucidpress permission to access Slack's list of names, channels, and the ability to send a message upon autocomplete (standard permissions).
  6. Accept the installation.

Connect your individual Lucidpress account to your team Slack account:

  1. Navigate to your account settings
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click Connect
  4. Grant permissions
  5. Accept the installation


Explain feature

Integrate your brand templating workspace in Lucidpress with Slack so that you can:• Keep projects moving with Slack notifications for Lucidpress documents
• Simplify sharing by managing Lucidpress document permissions in Slack
• See preview thumbnails of Lucidpress documents when you share document links in Slack.
• Get on the same page quickly by creating new Lucidpress documents with Slack Shortcuts.
• Keep everyone in the loop by sharing Lucidpress documents to Slack from LucidpressInstallation takes seconds and using the integration is effortless.To create a document in Slack:

Option 1: Click ⚡ to create a blank document.
Option 2: Use the command /lucidpress to create a blank document.To share a document in Slack:Option 1: Click the “Share” button in Lucidpress to share your document with a Slack channel or user.
Option 2: Paste your document link in any Slack channel or direct message.Document notifications in Slack:You can choose to receive notifications in Slack when:
• someone leaves a comment on a document
• someone shares a document or folder with you
• someone requests access to a document or folder
Get notifications in slack when Lucidpress sends you notifications!
Use /lucidpress for commands


Add commands to (Your team name)

Slack users can use the /lucidpress command to instantly create and share documents for quick and easy collaboration.


Send messages as Lucidpress

Lucidpress will send messages when it shares documents directly with members of your team or on public Slack channels.


Access information about your public channels

Users can share documents directly into public Slack channels from Lucidpress's Share dialog.


Access your team's profile information

Users can share documents directly with anyone on your Slack team from Lucidpress's Share dialog.

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