Format Page and Document Settings

The first step of any beautiful document is beautiful formatting (is that even a thing?). Regardless, correctly formatting your document now can save you a lot of headache in the future.

Read on to learn how to properly set up your page’s dimensions, margins, headers, and more.

To set your page size:

  1. Click anywhere outside of your document to bring up the “Documents” tab to the right of the canvas.
  2. Click on the dropdown under “Size & Orientation” to select the size you’d prefer. For custom dimensions, simply click “Custom” on this dropdown.

  3. Select “Portrait” or “Landscape” to determine your page orientation.

In the same Documents tab mentioned above, you’ll notice the option to insert header and/or footer text, as shown below.


Select either of these options and a text box will appear at the top or bottom of all the pages in your document. Edit any one of these boxes and the corresponding ones will adjust accordingly.


If you’d like to include page numbers in your document, double click in either the header or footer text bar (depending on where you want your page numbers to appear) until the box turns green. Go up to the top of your screen and hit “Insert” then “Page Number”. This will automatically generate a page number for all current pages plus all pages added later.


The “Documents” tab mentioned above also includes options for adjusting your margins.


Not sure what “bleed” is? Bleed refers to the amount of area on the edge of your document that isn’t printable. If you have images or text that expand beyond the bleed, for example, these portions will be cut off when printed.

Note: If you need to adjust margins for an individual page instead of the entire document, simply click on the specific page in the panel to the left of the canvas before adjusting the margins.

To change the background of your document to a color, image, or gradient, refer to the “Background” section of the "Documents" tab.


Creating a magazine or book? Turn on “Spreads”, located right below your background options, to view how your document would look in printed format.